A Free Choice to Wear What They Want

Just as times have changed, the style and shape of women has grown as well. In the past, the choice of clothing chosen by a woman reflected greatly upon her status in the eyes of society. Clothes worn by high-class individuals were not readily available for the more common class of women.

Nowadays the fashion and trends of even the highest socialites can be easily obtained by your average working-class woman. However, the standards of today’s trends does not always fit in with what society deems to be the next big thing. Still, every day more and more women are styling themselves according to their own level of comfort and to suit their personalities.

Clothing With Purpose

The purpose of clothing for the women of today is to simply put on what best represents their individuality. In the past, plus-sized women would be criticised for wearing anything that society did not deem well-suited for them. Many stores and fashion designers deemed plus-size women to be hopeless when it comes to clothing and refused to make clothes in those various sizes. Thus women were told that they had to be a specific size in order to wear nice clothing and to look beautiful in the eyes of others.  In recent years, plus-sized women have been able to move past the restrictions society wants to place on them and have branched into being comfortable in their own skin and clothing.

Passing Judgement

The difference between men and women’s clothing always comes down to the judging of society. If a man were to wear the same trousers two days on a straight, there would be no passable judgment given. A woman who does something similar would be considered lazy or disgusting. Women are constantly judged on their outfits because there is a stigma in society that constantly finds fault with the actions of women and their choices concerning clothes.

For instance, a woman who wears a short skirt might be considered to be slutty or looking for attention.  These women might also be the ones who have to endure sexual harassment or be told that ‘their choice of skirt was asking for it.’ The absurdity that a woman’s choice of clothing can non-verbally communicate that she wants to be someone’s sex toy is overused and inhumane and utter nonsense.

There is also the fact that most Halloween costumes geared towards women are usually skimpy outfits that highlight the woman’s breasts, legs or buttocks. A woman who looks down on these types of clothing would be considered frigid or too judgmental. The fact should remain that women are the only ones who have any right to select an item of clothing and deem it wearable. It is their body and their choice what form of clothing they would like to wear.