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Nowadays online stores are the go to for everything you need to buy. However, one must be careful while buying somethings online especially something like shoes which has specific requirements. So, here a few tips for buying shoes online.


  • Online store- Choose an online store that is preferred by most and is reliable. If you have seen physical shops of the online store then even better. It’s always better not to trust stores that you haven’t heard or seen before.


  • Always read the return policies because you never know if you have to return the shoes or not. Evaluate the return policies when you are buying shoes online. Because with something like shoes you will always need to be concerned about the return policies.


  • Material- Pay close attention to the material as you never know the kind of material by just looking at the picture. When you physically go to the store and buy shoes you touch and feel the material and so you know what its like and what material it exactly is. If you have any doubt about the material then just call customer service to verify. Its always better to know the material before the shoes are delivered.


  • Colours- It is the same with colours as well. It’s hard to figure out the right shade of the colour by just looking at the shoes. Also, the finish of the shoes matter. Its better to call up and find out whether it’s a glossy finish or not.


  • Right size- This is the hardest bit as shoe sizes vary from one country to another. But there are shoe measurement charts online. What you can do is wear on a sock of medium thickness and put your feet on a paper and trace it out with a pencil and then measure your foot that you have traced out on the paper and check the measurement chart online for your shoe size in accordance to whichever country you want. Remember that the size depends on which country the shop manufactures its shoes in and not which country you live in. For instance, if you are buying shoes from a UK online store then you will have to put in your UK size for shoes.


  • You may not figure out your size immediately so there is no harm by ordering once with the size you think you are and then figuring it all out.


  • Once your shoes are delivered try them on right away so that you can immediately return if you don’t like any specific aspect of the shoe. So that you don’t cross the timing for the return deadline. Also, it keeps all the tags in place because its brand new. Also try them on inside and not outside on the road. So that they stay clean.



Online shopping has become the only form of shopping for most people. Most people don’t step out of their house anymore to go shopping. They just click and pay for they want. However, things could go wrong and you might end up getting something you never wanted at all or something not worth your money at all. Its important to shop from stores you can trust and are known to be good ones. Here are a few stores you can shop from.


  • Boo hoo- This is a store that earned a lot of acclaim. You can use this site for all latest fashion and style. It has all kinds of formal wear, sportswear, petite styles and even plus sizes. Its varied availability makes it so preferable. Its highly rated by cosmopolitan as well.


  • Pretty little thing- It offers popular and affordable fashion in all sizes. It offers all the styles and fashions that celebrities wear and are popular. It also offers great accessories which is affordable and stylish.


  • Show po- It started of as a small garage store in Sydney and was known as Show pony. Now its one of the greatest online stores now. It has womenswear and even homeware that you can buy. It also has free shipping for everything above $50.


  • Ruelala is another site that offers all designer brands on discounted prices. It is said that you save as much as 70 percent compared to what you would spend at their department store. You get brands like GUCCI and Louis Vuitton for half the price.

Online Fashion Party Dress

  • Athleta is another brand preferred by many women for its comfortable easy wear. They are also known to have high quality clothes which are very comfy and are available in plus sizes too.


  • ASOS- One of the biggest names in online stores. Free shipping on all orders above $40. They also have free full tracked returns. They have all sorts of variations that are available online.


  • Gymshark- This online store is specifically for gym wear. It has comfortable clothes that allows the body to be flexible. It is known for its easy to wear work out clothes and is preferred by many including Kim Kardashian’s trainer!


  • Forever 21- Though it is one of the huge shopping brands that have stores in almost every mall all over the world, it has a pretty neat website which can be accessed for your shopping needs. Forever 21 stores are generally very crowded and all the various stocks of clothes that they store can be a little overwhelming. Using their websites gives you a way in which you can take a look at all their available clothes, accessories and shoes and that makes your purchasing experience a lot easier.



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